about sole good

who AM I?

 my name is Tia I’m the face behind the name “Sole Good Reflexology” 👣 I have a passion for reflexology as it is a treatment I myself have received and enjoyed throughout the years, because I have experienced the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of reflexology I decided I would like to offer that same experience to others.

 I have become a qualified reflexologist and am a member of the NRRI (National Register of Reflexologists Ireland) I love to offer reflexology treatments to my clients and am qualified to provide foot, hand and facial reflexology, I am also qualified in cancer care reflexology, pregnancy care, mental health and special needs care alongside reflexology.

Picture of Tia the Reflexologist

My Mission

At “Sole Good” I aim to offer my clients a place to unwind and destress . A safe space to take time out for themselves. Your journey to relaxation starts here. Give me a message or a call if you would like to book in for your treatment today !